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Health insurers: collective labor agreement and pension

June 08, 2021

With this newsletter I inform you about the negotiation on Monday, June 7, 2021 for a new collective labor agreement as of October 2021 and pension scheme as of January 1, 2022 for the health insurers.

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CLA negotiations

After the proposals letters had been explained on 31 May 2021, we would discuss the collective labor agreement proposals on 7 June. However, we have devoted the available time entirely to the subject of pensions. Pension is also part of these negotiations from the perspective of employment conditions. One of the current collective labor agreements is that the indexation reserve is temporarily used for pension accrual. That is why we are now discussing the collective labor agreement and the pension in conjunction with each other during the negotiations. Next Monday, June 21, we will negotiate about the proposed collective labor agreement.

Retirement step(s)

Both trade unions and employers find the current low pension accrual for employees an undesirable situation. It is only too early for several reasons to choose one of the two pension contracts (NPC or WVP+) from the national pension agreement as a solution. Firstly, the implementation of the new pension legislation has been delayed by a year. Secondly, partly because of this, it is not clear what all (im)possibilities are and benefits for participants. Thirdly, the question is what pension provider can and wants to implement the SBZ as a scheme and by when?

The parties do want to take a step in improving the structure without wanting to lock us in on the final choice afterwards. We are therefore exploring the 'intermediate step' of a transition to a collective variable pension scheme (CVP) as of 1 January 2022. This will allow us to improve the accrual and give ourselves a little more time to make a proper transition to the definitive scheme. We have asked 'calculator' AON to further elaborate the interim transition to CVP in, among other things, pension accrual, costs, tax frameworks, participant groups and possible compensation.

Next Monday, June 21, we will further develop this route. We will then also let the pension fund know that we are considering this direction as of 1 January 2022. Naturally, we will only take definitive steps if you as a Union member have given your opinion about this intended interim adjustment.

Apart from the 'intermediate step', we will continue with our research into the final choice between the new pension contract (NPC) and the improved premium plan plus (WVP+). The schemes have a lot in common. An important difference is that the NPC has more solidarity and the WVP+ offers more individual choices. In the new pension system, it is no longer about the outcome (a guaranteed pension result), but rather the contribution to be paid forms the basis. In the coming newsletters I will inform you further about the steps to be taken in the pension scheme.


I can be reached by email at and by telephone on 06-5252 2074. If you have an individual question or need advice, please contact our service center via or by telephone on 0345-851 963. We are happy to help you!



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