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ING webinar: Choice of pension contract

February 27 2024

Held on February 26, 2024 De Unie a knowledge session about pensions at ING. The theme of this webinar was the choice of the pension contract that must be made. The reason for the Future Pensions Act and what this means for ING employees were discussed. You can now watch this webinar again.

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There will be two more webinars in the coming period:

  1. Entering (March 18, 16.00:17.00 PM – XNUMX:XNUMX PM):
    What happens to the pension you have accrued so far? How is this converted to the new pension scheme (the so-called 'bringing in' of old pension rights)? What choices can be made here? Do we have to sail in?
  2. Survivor's pension (March 25, 16.00:17.00 PM - XNUMX:XNUMX PM):
    The survivor's pension will also have to change. How does the survivor's pension work now? What options are there under the new scheme?

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