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NN Group: De Unie publishes the proposal letter for the NN collective labor agreement 2024

21 September 2023

The collective labor agreement negotiations for the new collective labor agreement start with a letter of proposal. The proposal letter from De Unie can you here read. These are the employment conditions De Unie wants to realize.

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The other collective labor agreement parties also make their proposal letters public. The employer will do this on SAM. Let the representative know what you think of the employer's proposals. What do you like about the employer's ideas, what do you disagree with? You can reach the representative, Inge de Vries, by email: The responses will be used to provide an initial response on September 26, 2023, the official start of the collective labor agreement negotiations.

To be able to inform members quickly and properly about the progress in the consultation on the employment conditions De Unie decided to use an additional communication channel.

Of course we will keep you informed via our website, newsletters and social media channels. But we want to inform you even faster about everything De Unie does at NN Group. That's why we use WhatsApp from now on. There is a special one for this  "De Unie for NN group” WhatsApp group created. Sign up and stay informed. a


Do you have any further questions regarding this message? Please contact Inge de Vries (representative). This can be done by sending an email to:

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