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MN: Result of collective labor agreement voting 2024

January 12 2024

To Thursday 11 could there voted Worden about the final offer that MN op panel heeft laid. The result is that 79% for the final offer heeft voted at 21% Tegen. In will be the message below voting behavior is explained and an explanation is given which dit stands for.

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short analysis

Apparently can you questions that a vast majority for a new dog heeft voted. This requires real only nuance. Never earlier the votes cast are provided with so much remarks. below de pro-voters already very many 'protests', but also understanding for the final offer.

For only…

De protests are dish op onder others de outrage of making the final offer. Which stands for that MN one-sided de negotiations heeft ended, while de the farmer keen to to one joint result were come. below de voters already also comments as: 'reasonable, somewhat acceptable, satisfied, fine, actually Tegen'. Also a few voters paranormal gifts indicate that they actually also did not satisfied are about the final offer because them up short term Brightness want to, to have ze for voted. From the supporters heeft 65% not comment placed.


below de votes against sits the dissatisfaction mostly on the leveling effect of the structural pay raise from € 110 per month, that due to mismanagement now operations the account presented getsis inadequate talk is of inflation repair en incomprehension about the collective labor agreement process (including final offer).

Also it is nice Building read that a number voters a word with thanks pronounces for our effort† Those are both for- as votes against and we can do that did not anders to explain like a respectful reaction. From the naysayers heeft 59% not comment with them dissent posted.

What stands for this?

In any case that there not talk is of euphoria. About that are de placed remarks and with votes against bright. It stands for that one too vast majority, 79%, of voters for the final offer from MN heeft voted. With as consequence that it final offer is translated to a new collective labor agreement per 1 2024. So with retroactive power.

Should je once again want to read what this for yo in person stands for† Then read here the document with it final offer. The document gives a resume of the changes.


If you have any questions regarding this message, please contact Joop Voesten, the representative, by email.


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