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ING: large salary survey

14 September 2022

De Unie organizes a national survey about salary developments for 2023. This survey is conducted to get an idea of ​​the concrete expectations of our members. Especially in light of the unprecedented high inflation.

Also De UnieING members are invited to complete this survey. In a short time, almost 400 members had already answered my call. Since this first count, there has been a lot of voting.

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What do ING employees think?

What is striking is that, contrary to the average results, the members at ING have very high expectations of their employer in these collective labor agreement negotiations. ING employees arrive at a considerably higher percentage of inflation correction than the average voter. The frustration of a two-year zero line by a company that makes a billion-dollar profit is clearly reflected in the answers to the survey.

Input for collective labor agreement negotiations

Ordered before De Unie the wishes of the members are decisive. In the next collective labor agreement meeting (15 September 2022), I will explain the results of the survey and emphasize the importance for ING to accommodate the employees now. Not because De Unie wants ING to pay inflation correction plus 1%, but because the members – employees of ING – want their employer to take them seriously now.

Report of the negotiations

We will discuss the following topics on September 15, 2022:

  • collective salary increase, profit-sharing scheme and other financial instruments
  • workload, employment, sourcing

You will receive a report of the collective labor agreement negotiations on Friday 16 September.

More members, more influence

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