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July 04, 2023

Past Saturday, 1 July 2023, is the Law future pensions entered. This stands for given by pension plans of employers in The Netherlands appearance 1 2028 on this law serve te to fulfil. Also at ING are Commitment partners (employer en trade unions) in process to with each other a pension plan te to design its general satisfies to the legal rules of it new pension system. Also moeten we judge what is the impact of this change for Staff members en former Staff members.

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De Union heeft two webinars held waarin we the January op outline to have brought in the changes its general necessary are by this new law. You can do the webinar here Looking back. With this webinar is a start made with the Inform they go in involve January of the Union at this drastic change in the working conditions.

Explanation project organization

In this message i want you take in the complex decision and with timeline of the project.


The ultimate decision is taken by Commitment partners: your employerDe Union and with others trade unions. This parties questions a transition plan stuck.

Who are even More concerned?

De beide pension funds, ING CDC pension fund en Pension fund ING Worden by Commitment partners regularly concerned At the consultation.
The ING CDC Pension Fund (ICP) is the fund around you now retirement in builds up. The pension fund ING (PFI) is in 2013 Closed, but there are many Staff members that one considerably part from the retirement in this fund to have built up.

Er are More parties concerned, we asked questions experts to advise you and to calculations out to feed, association of gepensioneerden heeft legal the Law om heard te Worden by employer en trade unions and DNB keeps supervision on the right performance new law.


Parties to strive to a draft transition plan on 1 July 2024. Why zo quickly is then one logical question. The law gives after all moss all 1 2028? That beats, but it transition plan must appearance on 1 2025 submitted are at DNB. So the plan of 1 July 2024 gives ons only limited moss for de extreme date.

Transition plan

In this transition plan lay collective labor agreement parties decide stuck with relation till the new pension plan and with transitional arrangements. Some examples of decide its general taken moeten Worden: choose we for de solidary or for flexible premium scheme, or is there another one ander alternative? Select we for enter of one or beide pension funds of did not? If we enter, hoe to divide we the buffers? How will we it new Relatives Retirement?

Your role

you specifically along about the new pension plan† That co-decide is going in steps. The Union takes care for good communication, so that you know what enter stands forWhat is for- en cons are beide premium schemes of Welke choices er are for the Relatives Retirement. Street polls can not be purchased we the ideas January ask out. With that do you have influence on the design new pension plan.

What changes er for you?

At this time changes still there nothing. The current pension plan remains apply. If we have a transition plan to have established, shall still there many maanden necessary are around new implement a pension scheme.


Do you want More know about the Law future pensions. The VCP, the trade union federation around De Union at is plugged in, gives here and insight† Also the beide concerned pension funds give through them website information about the new pension system. Do you have asked questions to the Union, please contact us by e-mail send to:

With friendly greeting,

Inge de Vries

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