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Holland Casino: Collective Labor Agreement

19 September 2023

De Unie has previously informed its members about the collective labor agreement negotiation result that we have achieved with Holland Casino. Negotiations officially started on June 7, 2023 and continued on July 17. Two more rounds then took place on August 23 and 24. We then provided a summary of the agreements and specifically discussed the agreements on wages.

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The negotiation result

The fifth round took place on September 13; We then further elaborated the texts of the collective labor agreement protocol with Holland Casino. You can do this protocol here read with here the salary tables.

All members may vote on the negotiation outcome. Below we compare the main points of the collective labor agreement result with our efforts.

Holland Casino strongly preferred a collective labor agreement of one and a half years and also wanted to agree on a nominal amount in euros that everyone would receive.

Depending on your position in the salary house, the pay increase is between 11,1% and 13,3% for a collective labor agreement of one and a half years. The table shows you what you get structurally.

De Unie has not achieved its entire commitment, but has noted that the collective labor agreement increase will already be paid out in the next 15 months. De Unie is positive about the result in terms of wages, also because the agreed wage increase is above the average of what is currently agreed in the Netherlands BV.

De Unie is asked why the wage increase will not be paid out in full immediately as of October 1, 2023. Agreements are made in almost every collective labor agreement in the Netherlands, whereby the percentages are divided over different dates within the collective labor agreement period. Companies want to spread extra wage costs over different financial years, Holland Casino is no exception.

Reimbursement for people in a 24/7 schedule
Employees who work a 24/7 schedule receive an additional allowance of 04% for the hours between 00:07 AM and 00:100 AM.

Possibility of saving leave
From 2024 it will be possible to save leave. This concerns extra-statutory holiday hours that are placed in a separate pot to be taken for long-term leave, a sabbatical or informal care.

Extension of SP travel expenses compensation (Horizon)
This agreement will be extended for those involved during the collective labor agreement period.

Additional agreements regarding RVU
In the new collective labor agreement you can now choose whether you want to receive the RVU benefit monthly or in one go.

Research into expanding generation pact variants
De Unie had proposed an immediate introduction of an additional variant. We have not yet been able to achieve that for this collective labor agreement. However, a research question has been drawn up that makes it possible to introduce additional variants for the duration of the collective labor agreement. De Unie remains committed to achieving this goal and has already submitted a proposal to Holland Casino.

Occupancy and flexibility

Holland Casino wants to consult with trade unions and the Works Council about flexibility and staffing. The outcome of this will ultimately be presented to the members. De Unie finds the idea of ​​an attractive employer positive, but will very explicitly conduct the discussion from the point of view of the current employees of Holland Casino and will focus on improving the work-life balance. Before this investigation actually begins, a survey will take place among the entire staff. This should show what you need.

Final conclusion

The result regarding wages is impressive and fits within the policy as a result of negotiations De Unie. It is a pity that no concrete agreements have been made about the generation pact and the expansion of travel costs. Fortunately, this applies to various other matters, including the 24/7 arrangement, the additional RVU agreements, leave savings and the extension of the travel expenses arrangement. Moreover, it is special that all agreements are only improvements, as stated in this new collective labor agreement nothing pared down.
De Unie presents this result to its members with positive advice. They have received an invitation to vote.

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