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March 29 2021

The collective labor agreement and social plan of ABN AMRO will expire at the end of this year. That is why negotiations on the next collective labor agreement and a new social plan will start in May. De Unie is one of the participants in these conversations and wants to represent the interests of you and your colleagues as well as possible. After all, it is about your employment conditions. You can already influence the negotiations and vote on the outcome, but many of your colleagues cannot yet. And that's a shame, because: the more votes we represent, the stronger we are.

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Free Membership

Because this year is so important, your colleagues will now receive a year of membership as a gift. In this way, they can also vote on the new collective labor agreement and the new social plan, without it costing them anything. And together you can exert a greater influence! Do you have colleagues who want to use this? Then send them quickly this link through.

What are we going to negotiate about?

We negotiate on behalf of you and your colleagues. That is why we would like to hear from you which themes or subjects we should bring to the negotiating table. As a member you can simply pass this on to us; we will soon let you know when and how exactly.

Vote on the result

Have we reached a negotiation result with ABN AMRO and the other unions? Then all members of De Unie vote on this.


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