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ABN AMRO: message June 2023

June 22, 2023

There has been a lot of consultation in recent times. It's high time to catch up on the next collective labor agreement, new pension scheme and salary growth!

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If you are not yet a member of De Unie, now you can get it for free. We have agreed this with the bank, which will pay this. The bank considers it very important that employees receive professional support for their terms of employment and legal assistance if necessary.

Salary growth 0-7%

It has been agreed in the collective agreement that there will be an investigation into the salary growth within your scale if there is still a perspective for you. The aim is to arrive at a different system. There is also a review group that includes executives from the unions. We hope to inform everyone in more detail soon. Do you have ideas about this yourself? Let us know!


Another important topic is retirement. The pension scheme is the second most expensive employment condition after salary.

The Senate has also approved the new pension law, the WTP. We have discussed this a lot. Many parties are involved in the consultation. There is also an independent chairman who guides the parties in making a provisional choice. pension experts De Unie participate in these conversations on behalf of the members. The intention is that we will make a provisional choice before 1 July as to which type of contract will be awarded to ABN AMRO. This is not about the precise interpretation. But hugely important decisions have to be made that will have a major impact on the pensions of pensioners, working people and so-called sleepers (former employees who have not yet retired).

The members of De Unie are, of course, directly involved in this decision-making. After all, the pension scheme is part of your collective labor agreement. Members will soon receive much more information about the pension scheme and all changes. You can of course also ask questions now.


Are the collective bargaining negotiations already starting? No, but we are already starting. It still seems a long way off, the new collective labor agreement. Nevertheless, we want to start preparations after the summer. After all, there is again a lot to negotiate. Immediately after the summer, we ask the members where the proposals come from De Unie must comply. We still remember the very difficult collective labor agreement negotiations at ING! That is why we think it is very important to ask you now to start thinking about the next collective bargaining. What will be a good wage demand in the future? How should it depend on inflation? Do we then look back, or rather forward when it comes to loss of purchasing power? What about all forms of leave? Do they suffice? Do you get leave if you wish? And there are many more topics that we want to know from you how you view them. Will you let us know?

Executive group

The group of executives will then also start preparing for a new collective labor agreement. Soon we will come back to the members about our executive group. We are looking to expand! Especially because of the collective bargaining that is coming up.


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