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Developments at Rabobank

The collective labor agreement was concluded some time ago. A lot of work has been done in recent months, in working groups, in periodic consultations and in the legal department of De Unie who assists our members with questions.

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Organizational changes

The changes in the organization Banking 3.5, Rabo@anywhere and other developments entail a great deal of uncertainty. Fortunately, the members of De Unie the way to our Service Center (sc@unie.nl) like it. The colleagues will answer your questions and assist you.

News Service Center De Unie

The members of De Unie generally report to the Service Center of De Unie if they have a question in relation to their terms of employment. Over the past few weeks, our lawyers have had many questions about the following topics:

  • Relationship clause
  • Filling in individual working hours

Discussion of individual working hours

A frequent request for help concerns the topic of timetables. Members are asked to adjust their schedule because certain choices in the new organizational structure would no longer be possible. This mainly concerns, but not exclusively, members who work 4 x 9 hours.

Article 3.2. of the Rabobank collective labor agreement has not been amended on this point. There must be agreements about working hours in consultation. Furthermore, the collective labor agreement assumes that the employee's preference is followed where possible and your manager must explain in writing which important business interests make it impossible to follow your preference.

Are you also involved with this? Please contact the representative. De Unie tries to get an overview, together with the works council, of the extent of this problem. We would like to investigate how we can best help members. You can do this by sending an email to: inge.de.vries@unie.nl

Relationship clause

Many members have reported in recent weeks with the question whether they could be obliged to sign a non-solicitation clause. It all concerned employees who had been placed in a suitable position as part of an organizational change.

On behalf of De Unie I have expressed our dissatisfaction with Rabobank's conduct. After all, it concerns a request from Rabobank to those involved to sign on a voluntary basis. Rabobank should communicate transparently about this, now the impression could arise that people were obliged to sign.

Rabobank acknowledges that employees who have been placed in a suitable position are not obliged to sign the non-solicitation clause.

Study appointments

The study agreements for Grow and for Pension have already started. In a next post I will tell you more about these study agreements.

The study into the impact of the new way of working on the terms of employment will start in the short term. After the summer we will start working out the work code and the study into the possibility of implementing an 80-90-100 scheme.

CLA text

The text of the collective labor agreement has been adopted in the meantime. Soon you will be able to find the new collective labor agreement on the website of De Unie.


If you want to respond to this message or have contact about a collective case, you can reach the representative, Inge de Vries, via inge.de.vries@unie.nl or call 06-5252 2091. For individual advice you can contact the colleagues of the Service Center department via 0345-851 963, by e-mail sc@unie.nl or the chat function on this page.