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NN Group: Collective Labor Agreement consultation

The collective labor agreement consultations started again on 7 September 2021. Although we have resumed the consultations in good spirits, there is no concrete progress to report yet. We can identify working conditions that both trade unions and employers want to improve, for example the system of individual salary increases. There are also employment conditions that we have to negotiate, pension is an example of this. But we don't have enough subjects to fill a collective labor agreement agenda.

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Half-year figures

NN Group's excellent half-year result was explained. Although your employer does not deny that good results have been achieved, NN's opinion does not change the position taken previously. Due to, among other things, the run-off on the closed book at NN Life, there is no room for structural cost increases, according to NN. The results that the company realizes are used to invest in the development of new products, automation, purchases from other companies or extra dividend. But the result cannot be used to increase salaries, according to NN. However, NN has indicated that it is prepared to invest in development and in allowing employees to progress more quickly in the salary scale in order to reduce wage differences.

How further?

The next collective labor agreement will be held on 28 September 2021. We will then be engaged in the consultation for a year.

A year in which we seem to be making too little progress.


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