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Metalektro: Cao update

We hope you're doing well. Although our thoughts are unmistakably with the people affected by the terrible war and inhumane conditions in Ukraine, life here does not stand still. De Unie has recently, together with fellowvakbondand and FME, further elaborated on the elaboration of the Metalektro collective labor agreement. The Collective Labor Agreement booklets have now been printed, the Collective Labor Agreement has been passed through the wringer at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment to have it declared universally binding, the RVU scheme has been launched and there are once again opportunities to make your current and future finances and career choices. We are also busy arranging the leave savings fund, but we come across unexplored territory left and right, so that we have to build a paved road ourselves. As a result, setting up the leave savings fund takes a little longer than hoped. We will soon be able to start the process again to arrive at a new collective labor agreement from 1 December 2022.

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Free insight into new opportunities and possibilities in your career (on = gone)

Everyone wants to go to work with a smile. How do you do that? Make sure you develop yourself and refresh your professional knowledge. That is a lot of fun to do and gives you new energy. Make quick use of the development vouchers for everyone who works in the Metalektro. In collaboration with the A+O Metalektro Foundation, this option is now available free of charge to 125 colleagues working under this collective labor agreement. This way you ensure that you continue to enjoy your work. Our career coaches are happy to help you make the best choice. Click here to sign up. And also inform your colleagues.

You are entitled to a free financial insight conversation (on = gone)

Making plans also means making a financial plan. And then an independent personal financial insight is essential. If you know what you have to spend and which schemes are interesting for you, you can make career choices that make you happy. Such as working less or stopping work earlier. There is often more possible than you think. In collaboration with the A+O Metalektro Foundation, this option is now available free of charge for 250 employees working under this collective labor agreement. Do you want this too? Click here to sign up. The financial insight for employees in the metal sector via the A+O Metalelektro is provided by our strategic partner† Not for you, but maybe for a colleague? Make your colleagues aware of this possibility.

Free collective labor agreement booklets available (on = gone)

The collective labor agreement texts will be definitively adopted at the end of 2021 in the Consultation Council in the Metalektro (ROM). You can download the digital version of the collective labor agreement texts here find. De Unie has 100 collective labor agreement booklets available to send to members. If you would like to receive a copy, please fill in here your details. We will then send you one. We also hope to have the English version of the collective labor agreement available by the end of March 2022. We will then send out an English newsletter.

Strategic agenda

Improve the world, start with yourself. These are the social partners in the Metalektro, including De Unie, agree. It is no secret that the cooperation regarding the collective labor agreement has not been smooth in recent years. That should and can be done much better. No longer starting from our differences, but taking what connects us as a starting point. That is why the social partners commit themselves to a continuous constructive social dialogue, to a stable collective labor agreement process and to a future-proof collective labor agreement and pension accrual.

Employer and employee agility, quality of work and productivity are at their best when the interrelationship between companies, vakbondand and employees is good. When the basics are in order, people enjoy working and that gives productivity wings.

That is why the social partners in the Metalektro are going to tackle the challenges facing the sector together with all employers and employees. We want to act as partners, more than in the past. Only in this way can we achieve a successful and competitive sector that contributes to the prosperity and well-being of the Netherlands and the EU. How we are going to do this is stated in the Strategic Agenda Metalektro 2022-2027. Every year we translate these ambitions into concrete action agendas that will be implemented jointly by social partners, employers and employees.

You can check the Strategic Agenda here download and read.

Insight into your wishes for the new collective labor agreement

It might be a bit strange to also request that you send us your wish list for the new collective labor agreement in a newsletter in which we announce that the text of the current collective labor agreement is available. Yet we make that call. The current collective labor agreement will expire on 1 December 2022. This time we want to ensure that the new collective labor agreement is in place before 1 December 2022. We would like to hear from you about what you would like to see realized in the new collective labor agreement. Maybe you want to get something out of the existing collective labor agreement, or maybe you want to include something that is not in it now. What keeps you busy? How can the collective labor agreement help you with this? We welcome all comments, proposals and suggestions at† We would like to receive them before March 31, 2022.

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With your content for the collective labor agreement negotiations, we will then discuss with the National Metal Company Members Group what exactly we are going to propose and with what priority. This leads to a draft proposal letter that we will submit to you (and fellow Union members) for approval. We then set to work with that commitment at the collective labor agreement table. We are now planning five rounds of negotiations. The intention is to start discussions immediately after the summer holidays, in September 2022.

We will keep you informed of all the news about the collective labor agreement negotiations. You can always find the latest news on