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Collective Labor Agreement ING BANK 2020

This message contains everything, namely a short report of the periodic consultation, the collective labor agreement process, pension, month of the vakbond, a nice development offer and useful contact information.

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Periodic consultations

Monday 17 May we had a short periodic meeting with ING. Below is a brief overview of the matters we have discussed with each other.

  • ING HR has made a pre-announcement for a new Notification Collective Dismissal (WMCO). The current report to the UWV now contains approximately 1365 employees. With the reorganisations at Wholesale, Kantorennetwerk, Nabestaandendesk and Tech, ING is crossing the border of the notification opened in 2017 for 1700 employees. The limit in the new notification will be set at 1200 employees for the coming years.
  • I, advocate Emanuel Geurts, have previously asked HR how things are going with ordering and delivering desks, chairs and the like at Coolblue. ING indicates that the liver problems have actually been completely resolved. This is due to an increase in stock and more flexibility in packages.
  • I also asked whether there was more to be said about the appointment of a new COO after the announced departure of Roel Louwhoff. Answer is that there is no information about it.
  • A further discussion will be held shortly with director of Private banking Léon Wijnands about the announced reorganization at PB. Trade unions have collected questions and reactions for Léon from their supporters. Feedback of the conversation will follow later.
  • We also received an update on job happiness drivers, innovation budget, learning account, employment fund and the introduction of the Job Career Framework (JCF).


The current collective labor agreement ING Bank ran from 1 January 2019 to 1 January 2021, but will continue as long as we are in talks about a new collective labor agreement. The first discussions about this started in September 2020. It was soon clear from the commitment letters from the parties that it was likely to be a laborious process due to the large differences, especially in the wage section. That has also turned out to be the case. On Friday 28 May, negotiating round 15 for a new collective labor agreement is on the agenda. My estimate is that we will need a little more time to come up with a solution.

Month of the vakbond

Monday, May 10 to Wednesday, June 10, 2021 is the 'Month of the Vakbond'at ING. During this period, ING employees are made aware of the various vakbondand what a vakbond can mean for them. The first year of membership is paid by ING without ING knowing who became a Union member. Let your colleagues have a look at it for all information about ING and op for more information about this great offer.

Development offer

Learning from the NL subsidy De Unie together with our training partner TWST a nice offer. Educational, compact and completely focused on you and your talents, and… completely free. These training programs help you reflect on your future in the labor market. You will receive all the support to position yourself firmly and professionally: through our online platform and the personal guidance of your experienced and independent coach from De Unie. You reflect on your work situation, worries and dreams for tomorrow. This way you can optimally realize your ambitions. Curious? click on

Future of retirement

During the last negotiations about a new pension scheme, the parties agreed to carry out a pension study as soon as a new national pension scheme is in place. It has recently become known that the introduction of the new pension law will be postponed by one year. What exactly this means for our current pension contracts with Pensioenfonds ING and ING CDC Pensioenfonds and the pension study will be discussed at a subsequent meeting with the bank and the funds. So to be continued.


The advocate Emanuel Geurts can be reached by e-mail at and by telephone on 06-5252 2074. If you have an individual question or need advice, please contact our Service Center via or by telephone on 0345-851 963.