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Point of view De Unie: pensions and AOW

January 20 2022

A good and solid pension provision only exists if the accrued rights and existing pension benefits are maintained, now and in the future. That means pensions will at least keep pace with inflation. This is the only way to keep purchasing power at an acceptable level now and in the future.

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Additional requirement

The new pension system provides for this better than the current system: at the very least follow price developments. This includes an additional requirement/wish of De Unie: if the pensions are indexed again and again in the coming years, this cannot and should not put others into pressure. This means that the compensation for those who will experience negative consequences of the new pension system must remain intact.

Linking state pension and minimum wage

there can be something De Unie Nor is there any question of decoupling the AOW level from the statutory minimum wage. The AOW is a subsistence minimum, as is the minimum wage. Letting go of the link is out of the question, also for retirees with a supplementary pension. That is not possible in the current pension system and it is not possible in the coming pension system.

'Rutte IV continues to betray the elderly'

Chairman Reinier Castelein of De Unie: “The new management culture does not come about simply by creating an image. More women in a cabinet and a few nice words do not change the fact that it is a harsh policy to put people at a disadvantage. Rutte IV continues to betray the elderly. Pension indexation has been out of the picture for years and now they seem to have been relegated to the bottom with the decoupling of the AOW. Pension indexation now seems to be on the horizon, but will soon be eaten up by inflation. The Netherlands is a prosperous country. Yet it is poor if we continue to treat the elderly in this way and do not take care of each other. No one can be happy with this policy. Young or old, but neither do employers and the cabinet.”



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