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Reaction of the million note Reinier Castelein De Unie

21 September 2022

Promise of purchasing power recovery in crisis mode questionable

“The entire purchasing power picture came about under crisis pressure. Not everything has been worked out and calculated yet, so it will only become clear in the coming weeks what the effect on purchasing power will be. The government stumbles from crisis to crisis. This budget was drawn up on the evening before Prinsjesdag. That's a recipe for error. This makes the promised recovery of purchasing power, especially for middle and higher incomes, extremely doubtful.” According to Reinier Castelein chairman of the trade union De Unie. “The cabinet threatens to have the budget financed by people with slightly higher incomes and some savings. While it is precisely those incomes that are now supporting the economy by spending their money and amply filling the state treasury with excise duties, VAT and the higher taxes they already pay.” According to Castelein, the labor market has also been helped by lower costs for middle and higher incomes. “If you want to solve the labor market shortages, then working full-time and saving must also continue to pay for middle and higher incomes.”



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