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Press release spending limit

"People with intermediate and higher education do not feel the spending limit"

People with an intermediate and higher education level do not feel the spending margin promised by the cabinet. This is evident from research commissioned by vakbond De Unie. Almost six in ten Dutch people with a secondary or higher education level believe that their spending margin has decreased or remained the same in recent years. Reinier Castelein from De Unie: “We often hear that everyone is improving, but the experience is really different. When people time and again perceive something different from the reality presented by a cabinet, this leads to uncertainty. This uncertainty is detrimental to the stability of our society. ”

The research, carried out on behalf of De Unie, by market research firm MWM2 makes it clear that most (three out of four) saw their income increase, but that on the expenditure side a more sombre picture can be seen: according to 8 out of 10 respondents that expenditure has increased (31% indicate) or slightly increased (says 47%).

“The festive image of the rise in incomes is put in a different light with this research. The Dutch do not feel it in their wallet, because taxes - certainly also local - and other expenses go up in many cases. Then there is not at all 'more' left, as is promised. The dissatisfaction that then arises is further fed by a growing uncertainty about what the fixed costs really will be. Look at the hassle with energy bills ”, says Castelein.

There is often talk of income insecurity, but it is therefore also about expenditure uncertainty: expenditure uncertainty is just as much a factor in confidence as traditional job and income security. Castelein concludes from the responses of the respondents that the government is not the reliable partner it should be.

Castelein: “It is up to the government at national, provincial and municipal levels to provide the population with more long-term certainty and predictability about their compulsory expenditure. You can cancel a Netflix subscription if you find it too expensive. But selling your house and moving to another municipality because the property tax or parking rate is too high for you is impossible and undesirable. The call of De Unie it is therefore up to the government: increase that predictability. Only then will you regain people's trust in the government in the promises in terms of work and income. Because that's what we need: a reliable and credible government that offers the security needed to keep the labor market and our economy moving. ”


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