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Launch of Geenpensioen.nl

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One in ten employees does not build up a supplementary pension. A supplementary pension, on top of the AOW, is important to prevent people from deteriorating financially after retirement. It is also important for companies: A pension scheme makes an employer more attractive to new employees and can strengthen the bond with existing employees.

Website Geenpensioen.nl
The SER has therefore set up the reporting and information point nopension.nl set up. This reporting and information point aims to make it easier for employers to set up a pension scheme and to encourage as many employees as possible to build up a pension. In addition, Geenpensioen.nl wants to gain more insight into companies and sectors that do not have a pension scheme for their employees, and the reasons for this. With more concrete information, employer and employee organizations can better help these companies and sectors to offer their employees a pension scheme.

Hotline for employers and employees
Geenpensioen.nl offers a roadmap for employers who want to get started with a pension scheme. In addition, there is information for employees who are not currently building up a pension and who want to discuss this with their employer. In addition, employers and employees can make a report via this website about the lack of a pension scheme at their company, so that there is better insight into why there is no pension scheme.