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Your 10 benefits at VGZ as a member of De Unie

November 14 2023

Innovating healthcare is more important than ever. So that you can grow older in a healthier way. Of De Unie We therefore work together to offer you the most suitable health insurance: VGZ Zorgt. In this article we list the 10 biggest advantages of VGZ Zorgt.

1 – Group discount on VGZ Zorgt
As a member of De Unie you will receive a 5% discount on all VGZ Zorgt supplementary insurance.

2 - Partial reimbursement of your membership De Unie
Do you choose VGZ Zorgt Goed, Better or Best? Good news! VGZ will then reimburse your membership De Unie, every year up to €25 maximum per insured person.

3 – Everything for your health and care in one place
The VGZ app is the most highly rated health insurance app. Use the VGZ app as your personal assistant to help with health and care. For example, see where your turn for care in the hospital is quickest. Or always a complete overview of the care you have used. Of course, you can also easily arrange your healthcare matters via the app. Such as declaring within 1 minute.

4 – Help in reducing the waiting time
If you need care, you want to be helped as quickly as possible. That is why we offer waiting list mediation. Our care advisors will check whether you can go to another hospital or clinic more quickly. So that you can get help sooner.

5 – Your personal care advisor
We can imagine that you have questions about care. Then it is nice that a personal advisor can help you with this. That is why, as a VGZ insured person, you can ask all your healthcare questions via telephone number 088 – 131 12 34.

6 – Useful workshops and apps to help you with your health
Do you want to get started with your health yourself? On you will find everything about mental health, healthier eating and more exercise. There is the VGZ Mindfulness Coach for that little bit of extra relaxation. The VGZ Supple and Strong Coach for strong muscles and flexible joints. Or the My Lifestyle Coach app from Albert Heijn. With fun challenges to eat better and sleep better.

7 – You are always welcome. Even if you need or already receive care
Have you recently had surgery? Or are you under the care of a doctor? Or are you perhaps waiting for an operation or treatment to come? No problem. You're always welcome. Are you choosing VGZ Zorgt? Then there is no medical examination. So you can simply switch to VGZ.

8 – Generous reimbursement for physiotherapy
Staying active and fit is important. And especially when you get older. The VGZ Zorgt supplementary insurance can help you with this. Because with the VGZ Zorgt supplementary insurance you can visit the physiotherapist up to 32 times a year. And use the VGZ Supple and Sterk Coach app for free. The app was developed by physiotherapists.

9 – A generous budget for courses and training
Did you know that with VGZ Zorgt you can spend up to €700 per year on training and courses? That is the prevention budget. For example, take a fall prevention course, sleep course or a course in dealing with a chronic condition. This is how we help you stay fit and healthy.

10 – Generous reimbursements for the care of your loved one
Are you caring for a family member or loved one? Then we call that informal care. Did you know that we have special allowances for informal caregivers? As support. For example, alternative informal care. Then another informal caregiver will replace you for a day. So you can catch your breath. Or enlist the help of an informal care broker. This helps you by taking over many control tasks. This way you have time to recharge.

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