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Residential services: Negotiation outcome

January 18 2024

De Unie took part in actions and strikes, because we are convinced that Aedes really had the wrong idea about the maintenance of purchasing power. In addition, there was the fear that if you were to be walked all over now, you would always receive a wage increase in the future, just while maintaining purchasing power.

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We held actions in 2023 and scaled up to strikes in 2024

The surprise effect had to be as high as possible. As a result, many of the employees may not have noticed the actions at all and others were in the middle of it. The effect, that the whole of the Netherlands was buzzing with sounds that people could be in the middle of an action at any moment, worked extremely well! In this way we realized that we still had a major effect with as little inconvenience to the sector as possible.

Aedes has noticed and has invited us back to the negotiating table

This prevented the escalation. After all, Aedes has once again consulted itself and has decided to largely accommodate us. Ultimately, all parties, including Aedes, want you to be well rewarded.

Read here the negotiation result.

In broad terms:

  • 10% pay increase for everyone
  • 2% end-of-year bonus, if you did not already have one
  • Away with the adjustment amounts!


What now?

On January 19, 2024, members will receive a voting form to vote. Let us know if we agree with this result. Please respond, otherwise we won't have anything.


If you have any questions, please contact the advocate Edith Werger at or call 06-5252 2054.


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