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UWV: Report of collective labor agreement consultations 16 November 2022

November 17 2022
UWV collective labor agreement De Unie

Collective labor agreement negotiations UWV

Four negotiation days have been scheduled for the collective labor agreement negotiations at UWV. In the first day, all parties explained their letter of proposals to each other. Subsequently, the trade unions asked UWV to make a proposal for the topics of structural salary increase and travel allowance. We think it is important to make agreements about financial matters at the start of the negotiations with UWV. Due to the high inflation and resulting loss of purchasing power, the structural salary increase is even more important this year than it was in other years.

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Many employees have worked hard to make the commuting allowance a prominent subject of the negotiations. UWV pays employees who travel by public transport a good compensation. However, this does not apply to employees who travel by private car. They receive a travel allowance from the UWV of approximately 12 cents per kilometre.

Report November 16, 2022

November 16, 2022 was the second day of collective bargaining. UWV has made a proposal to adjust the travel allowance. The proposal pays attention to both commuting costs and the costs of business travel. The first impression is that the UWV proposal will not be sufficient for employees who are unable or very difficult to travel by public transport. De Unie will make a counterproposal together with the other trade unions at the next collective bargaining meeting.

Next consultation

November 24, 2022 is the third day of collective bargaining.

Trade unions will then respond to UWV's proposal to adjust the travel allowance. We will also negotiate the structural salary increase. After November 24, 2022 you will receive an extensive substantive report from us on the status of the consultation.


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