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ING: December periodic consultation report

December 21 2021

The last periodic consultation was held on 17 December 2021. During the periodic consultation, we discuss the progress of the collective labor agreement agreements, the state of affairs at the company, we can prepare the next collective labor agreement meeting and De Unie can also place items on the agenda.

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In the consultation of 17 December 2021, various topics were discussed, I, representative Inge de Vries, will briefly explain the highlights.


De Unie had called on ING because it seemed to be difficult to achieve the CSR target. The new covid-19 measures ensured that many social activities were shut down. The CSR objective is an important part of the CMU, so feasibility is important for the employees.

Fortunately, due to the great attention and the broadening of options, the CSR target can be achieved before the end of the year.

Collective days off

We have made agreements about the two extra collective days off in 2022 and the following years. The first day is fixed on May 5 (except in a lustrum year or on a weekend when it becomes May 1) and on December 27, unless this falls on a weekend, then it becomes the next working day. The agreement is included in the collective labor agreement. This means that in collective bargaining we can also decide to move the collective days off if better alternatives arise.

The collective days off for 2021 are both scheduled on a Monday. This turned out to be inconvenient for a number of colleagues who have their scheduled day off on Mondays. Despite repeated urging, ING has decided to adhere to the literal text of the collective labor agreement and not to compensate the employees.

learning account

The learning account seems to be finally coming. In the learning account you save money for courses that you finance yourself. At the start, there is a budget of approximately € 400,00.

From 1 March 2022, many employees can apply for a STAP budget (Stimulation of the Labor Market Position) from the government. (Information can be found at the UWV and DUO). This may make training possible quickly.

De Unie wants to be able to ensure that ING does not use this for training that is mandatory or other training for which ING has agreed to pay the costs.

Mobility card

The discussion about the mobility card is not going well. Public transport costs are well regulated via the mobility card. Only free travel on the weekend has been canceled for public transport passengers. ING is prepared to offer compensation for this decline. A proposal to reimburse 40% of the travel costs during the weekend via the mobility card has been discussed with the works council. To avoid misunderstandings: the trips you make by public transport to and from work during the weekend are reimbursed via the mobility card.

For employees who go to work by car, a maximum of 65 km per day is maintained. This can also lead to a deterioration for employees who live far from their place of work. However, ING denies that there is a deterioration, they state that the 65 km per day was also included in the current travel allowance. As a result of this position, ING does not want to compensate these employees. I have also brought the subject to the attention of the works council, as they have a dialogue about the mobility card.

Lease arrangement

In the consultation about the mobility card, I also discussed the lease arrangement. I receive questions from various members whether ING intends to adjust the lease arrangement in connection with hybrid working. My interlocutors at ING say that there are no plans for this at the moment. Are you a lease driver? Let me know what you expect by email:

ING emergency line

ING and the trade unions have discussed the reorganization being implemented at the emergency line. The weekend and evening services are outsourced to an external party. As a result, the ING emergency line employees have different work schedules. Some of the employees like the new working hours, some of the employees have adapted to the irregular working hours and the associated bonuses. ING emphasizes that no job losses are foreseen as a result of this change. Do you work for the emergency line? I would like to know what you think about the change in your work via email:

Training budget

At the request of De Unie A start was made on discussing ING's training offer. We want to know whether the budgets are being used (or whether there is money left over), whether all employees have sufficient space to work on their development, or whether there is room for training and development in addition to the job-mandatory training that is in your own interest. In theory we make good agreements with ING, but we also want to know whether this works out well in practice.


Do you have any questions regarding this message or do you have information that you are using De Unie want to share? Contact me by email:

If you have any legal questions, you can contact the Service Center of De Unie. This can be done by sending an email to: or call 0345-851 963.



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