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ING: Periodic consultation report

October 30, 2023

De Unie has regular periodic consultations with ING. We will inform you about the periodic consultation of October 19, 2023. It was agreed in advance to discuss the agenda items Learning and Sourcing. We have not yet finished discussing both topics. This first consultation was mainly about sharing information. De Unie can now prepare further questions and develop a vision.

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Training and development

The importance of training and development is central to the collective labor agreement. By developing, employees remain relevant for ING or other employers. ING makes a budget available for training, among other things. In this consultation the focus was on training. The training budget that ING makes available has been increasingly invested in instruments in recent years. This seems to push the employee's own choice into the background. This does not mean that the options currently offered are insufficient. Perhaps the company's choices are good. We still have to form an opinion about that.

We start by making the use of budgets and accessibility and use of the various platforms, courses, coaching and e-learning transparent. In a subsequent meeting we will also pay attention to development through on-the-job training.

Once we have a complete picture of this, we will ask the members for their opinion. Members' opinions are important De Unie. We can base our policy on this.


This topic is at the request of De Unie discussed. ING has a general sourcing policy. If there is a concrete decision to transfer work abroad (hub) or in the Netherlands to another company, a request for advice must be submitted to the works council. Agreements are made with the trade unions about how to deal with the consequences of the sourcing decision. De Unie In the follow-up consultation, he asked how the interests of the Dutch ING branches and employees in the Netherlands are taken into account in a sourcing decision.

Both the social plan and the Transition Activities Plan (applicable when sourcing work to non-ING companies) expire on December 31, 2024. De Unie believes it is important to start discussing these contracts in a timely manner. We do not want employees involved in sourcing to be uncertain about their social safety net for a long time.

Inflation figures

De Unie has asked ING to explain one of the provisions in the final offer for the collective labor agreement. This concerns the provision that if inflation for 2023 is higher than 6%, the parties can enter into consultations about additional agreements. ING has proposed to use the usual Consumer Price Index for this purpose, as determined by Statistics Netherlands (Central Bureau of Statistics). We have pointed out that CBS has changed the definition of this key figure, which will result in a very low level. This is recognized by ING. We will discuss this topic further in the next periodic meeting.

Next periodic consultation

The next periodic consultation will be on November 16, 2023.

Do you have any questions regarding this message, or do you have information that is important? De Unie. Please contact the advocate Inge de Vries by sending an email to:

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