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ING: Salary increase and Collective Redundancy 2024

October 02, 2023

De Unie has regular consultations with ING. We discuss developments within the company. This is also the stage to discuss new developments in employment conditions. De Unie can also put topics on the agenda suggested by our members.

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We had a short meeting on September 22, 2023. The team that conducts negotiations with trade unions on behalf of ING has largely been renewed. We must invest time to get to know each other well and work in a good atmosphere to improve the employment conditions at ING.

The following topics were on the agenda on September 22:

  • Salary increase 2024
  • Collective dismissal 2024 (WMCO)
  • Adjustments Step Up
  • Standby control


Salary increase year 2024

In the final offer for the collective labor agreement, ING has included a salary increase of 3% in July 2024. In addition, it has been promised that "If inflation for the year 2023 (as published in the first quarter of 2024 by the CPB) is higher than 6%, then Parties will consult with each other if one of the parties requests this.” The CPB publishes different inflation figures every year. By means of De Unie was asked which inflation figure is intended in this offer. It appears that no decision has been made on this yet. It was agreed to discuss this further during the next periodic meeting.

WMCO notification

WMCO stands for Collective Dismissal Notification Act. This law obliges employers to provide timely information if a collective dismissal is expected to take place. ING has indicated that it expects that a WMCO notification will have to be made in 2024. A collective dismissal concerns at least 20 employees within a region. Because ING is a large company, those 20 employees quickly come into the picture. It is still too early to express expectations about the number of dismissals in 2024. The requests for advice have not yet been written. For the time being, it is important to follow this topic closely.

Adjustments Step Up

During the collective labor agreement negotiations, ING proposed adapting the performance management framework to the Global policy. This has been accepted by the other trade unions. This change will take effect on January 1, 2024. Next year you will make agreements with your manager about your goals on the Job and Orange Code dimensions. The Challenging Ambitions dimension is deleted. In the new system, the end-of-year evaluation no longer affects your salary. The second change is that you will be graded on a five-point scale instead of three categories.

Standby arrangement

In December 2022, there were concerns about whether ING's systems were sufficiently stable. As a result, many Tech engineers were asked to work standby shifts. This was very difficult for the employees, many were excluded from the compensation scheme. There was great dissatisfaction because this problem was not addressed in ING's final offer, but OR Tech took the initiative to improve the standby compensation. This is in close consultation with De Unie happened. This has now been successfully completed, the standby allowances are being increased and are laid down more clearly, more employees are eligible for the scheme and the on-call time has been extended. The scheme has been improved on all points, a great success.

Next periodic consultation

The next periodic consultation will be on October 19, 2023. There are important topics on the agenda:

  • Sourcing
  • Development budget
  • Salary increase 2024
  • Workload research



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