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ING: Outsourcing, Performance Management and the lease arrangement

July 24, 2023

De Unie has monthly consultations with ING about current affairs and the elaboration of study agreements. The periodic consultation is also used to deal with questions from members. On July 20, 2023, we had periodic consultations again. During this meeting, topics such as performance management, shift schedules and the lease scheme were discussed.

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Preparation periodic consultation September 2023

Lease arrangement

ING has implemented an improvement for lease categories 1 and 2. The option to implement additional adjustments is still under investigation. De Unie has drawn attention to category 3 at the request of various members. We would like an explanation from ING as to why this lease category is excluded from the improvement, while the obligation to drive electrically (and the resulting rising costs) does apply to them. We will discuss the lease arrangement at the next periodic meeting. Will you let us know what needs to happen with the lease arrangement?

Outsourcing Policy

At the request of De Unie ING's outsourcing policy will be discussed in the next periodic meeting. Most outsourcing at ING is currently happening because activities are moved to a foreign hub.

Collective Labor Agreement 2023-2024

Texts formal contracts

The text of the new collective labor agreement is almost ready. Publication is expected in mid-August. The social plan will be extended unchanged until the end of 2024. The same applies to the OWP. The redundancy plan applies if ING implements a reorganization as a result of which employees may become redundant. The social plan specifies, among other things, what support you will receive in your search for a new job and what the amount of the severance payment is. The OWP applies if a business unit is outsourced. In principle, employees follow their jobs, unless the travel time is too inconvenient. Agreements regarding outsourcing and the employment conditions at the new employer are laid down in the OWP. Because there are no changes in both the social plan and the OWP will De Unie sign these agreements.

Collaboration with trade unions and ING

ING's negotiating delegation has been renewed after the collective labor agreement negotiations. We agreed to take the time to get to know each other and to discuss how we can shape the collaboration. By investing in a good relationship, we want to prevent a repeat of the previous collective labor agreement.

Study appointments

Social partners are working on a number of studies. We use these studies to prepare collective labor agreement renewal or improvement of personnel policy. The progress of these studies has been discussed.

  • The workload survey is being prepared. The plan is to conduct this research at the beginning of 2024.
  • The shift schedule is being examined. Experts are currently working on it.
  • Performance management is adapted to ING's global model. The Collective Labor Agreement still deviates in a number of areas. The global model works with a five-point scale and has no stretched ambition. ING would like to start working with an adapted performance management system on 1 January 2024.


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