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ING: negotiations suspended

March 11 2021
Collective Labor Agreement ING BANK 2020

We have been negotiating for a while and steps have been taken on the themes of wellbeing, craftsmanship and work code that are important to you. Throughout the entire process, we have observed that time is a theme that also requires attention. The wage section was on the agenda last time and this week.

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Pay or no pay?

Wednesday, March 10 De Unie and the other trade unions must jointly conclude that further negotiation about the collective labor agreement is no longer useful at this time. It will come as no surprise to you that views on wages are too divergent. We will therefore suspend the consultation until April 13th and will consult with our members.

ING position

ING's starting position is known, there is no room for a collective wage increase. In the first instance for three years and then for two years. The space for the scale-up movement from 1 April is also limited. The proposal was made to give 85% for everyone with a relative scale position (RSP) of 1 or less and above that 0%. Under the condition that there will be no collective wage increase, ING was prepared to discuss the scaled wage increase further. As far as ING is concerned, there will be no collective labor agreement with a collective pay rise.

Position of trade unions

The three trade unions made clear their joint position in the wage debate on 10 March. We are prepared to adjust our wage demand of 3% if ING makes a reasonable and fair offer, for example ING can look at the other banking collective labor agreements. Furthermore, it was agreed in the negotiation result of the last collective labor agreement that the decoupling of remuneration and valuation would take place on the basis of cost neutrality. That remains our starting point. As a result of the decoupling between remuneration and appreciation, the one-off payment for colleagues at their maximum disappears in favor of the scaled budget. As far as the trade unions are concerned, there will be no collective labor agreement without a collective wage increase.

Response ING

ING's response to our position was disappointing. ING does not want a collective wage increase or salary scales. ING is willing to pay 85% under RSP 1.5 and above 0.5% on a scale. It was also indicated that the Collective Social Benefit (CMU) can be extended by two years. This payment is a maximum of 0,75%.


Now that it is clear that there will be no collective pay rise and that the cost neutrality of the decoupling between appraisal and remuneration is not respected, a further discussion is pointless. The CMU, which in our view has been structurally agreed, is now suddenly added as a new point. This is confusing and only appears to serve as a 0 line mask.


The joint trade unions have decided that we are going to organize a broad survey. This is now being prepared and presented in the next member letter.

Explanatory discussions

The three trade unions would like to provide an explanation of the state of affairs on all topics in the negotiations, so that the members are even better informed. The members can attend joint member meetings.

Questions and contact

If you have any questions or if you want to contact me, please email me at or call me on 06-5252 2074.



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