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March 08 2021
Collective Labor Agreement ING BANK 2020

This newsletter focuses on the negotiations for a new collective labor agreement. On February 17 and March 3, 2021, ING explained its offer and we responded. I will explain a number of points and comment on them based on the more than a hundred conversations I have had with ING employees in recent months.

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Pay or no pay?

ING has taken a step by not wanting a zero line for three years, but only two years. No collective pay rise for two years. Two times zero instead of three times zero is still zero for me. We are not going to enter into a collective labor agreement without a collective wage increase, so that is not making any progress. For the periodic as of April 1, ING was first on the zero line, but now they offer employees who are below the middle of their scale 1% as a step per year. That is now 2,85%. If you are above that, you will, if it is up to the bank, stop where you now still get 2%. A fairly clear statement from the bank that you are overpaid and that they want to do something about it to 'promote' your labor mobility. This does not feel like recognition or recognition for your commitment to ING's customers and shareholders. Nor does it fit in with the balanced representation of the interests of all parties involved in the company. As ING's operating profit is solid and the outlook is nothing short of positive, the CEO proudly told the analysts. This irritates a lot of reasonable ING employees who were quite willing, given the corona and the uncertain time before the collective wage increase, to be satisfied with at least the price inflation. A shame of all that negative energy. Nobody really wants that.

Smart or stupid?

ING wants to reduce the anniversary bonuses of 10 and 25 years to zero within three years in order not to 'stimulate' long-term employment. The bank would rather see employees leave the bank after 4 to 5 years, based on the idea of ​​an ecosystem in the labor market. As soon as employees, after investing a lot in knowledge and experience, become of value to the bank, they have to leave again. Collective knowledge and experience is lost, which means that more external hiring is needed because the internal human and brain power is lost. And the pressure on existing employees to keep meeting deadlines and to train new employees continues to increase. A vicious circle of more costs and risks for business operations that ING employees just do not understand. Apparently there are no limits to what can be asked of you because ING has promised its shareholders good figures and dividends.

Value or worthless?

In these negotiations ING has opted to place different emphasis in its offer for a new collective labor agreement. The question to you is what value do you value it?

  • ING offers four development days to work together on training and development. Whether and how can this be organized in your work and what value does this have for you? And is this more or less than you already have?
  • ING wants to grant mourning leave with a minimum of five instead of two days with room for customization. Is this appropriate and valuable or not? Do you want more days, or is it more valuable for you if you also get bereavement leave if a dear friend of yours dies?
  • The bank also offers ING employees who are ready to retire for three years and want to leave voluntarily an early retirement scheme equal to three years' old-age pension or the transitional payment if this is lower. Of value or worthless to you?
  • ING also wants to make the Collective Social Benefit (CMU) dependent on ING's operating result instead of a fixed percentage. Does it make you warm or does it leave you cold?
  • Are online physiotherapy, informal care broker and a health check for everyone valuable or worthless things in the field of wellbeing? And what do they add to what you have already insured, or have deliberately left uninsured because it costs you more than it is worth to you?

With your answers, we are better able to determine the value of the package.


Please let us know what you think of ING's offer by email or by telephone on 06-5252 2074. After all, we do it for you.


Round 10 and 11 are planned next Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 March. After that, there will only be one round on March 17 and one on April 13, 2021. In view of the above description of the state of affairs, it is realistic to assume that we will not be able to reach an agreement with ING.



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