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ING Bank: Periodic consultation

28 September 2021

Periodic consultations with ING were held on Thursday, September 23, 2021. Below is a summary of the issues we discussed there. The change of representative at ING is also discussed in this newsletter.


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Periodic consultations

The implementation of the new collective labor agreements
Employees are expected to be able to use RVU and parental leave from 1 November 2021. As of October 1, employees can make use of two CSR days (16 hours). Employees are expected to see the reimbursement of the PAWW contribution on their pay slips as of November 2021. At the CMU, the targets to be achieved have now been jointly determined by ING and the trade unions, one of the targets being the use of the two CSR days. The team budget has now been increased to EUR 200 per employee. The one-off amount and the scale increase will be effected as of 1 October 2021. At the end of September, HR will send more detailed information about the implementation of the collective labor agreements via the People Services newsletter.

Various points

  • ING is working on a worldwide project to arrive at a coherent job classification system and job evaluation. HR and Korn Ferry updated us on the progress of the Global Job Architecture (GJA) project.
  • Group controller Erwin Olijslager gave us an explanation of ING's half-year figures. Despite the good numbers, he is still concerned about the effect of low interest rates on income. I asked him and HR to pay attention to the big difference between how ING presents itself internally and externally. The slight overlap of these two 'worlds' is (or has been) a serious issue in the collective labor agreement negotiations. It will have to be included in future discussions between social partners and employees.
  • Due to a strategic reorientation at ING subsidiary Yolt, 15 employees have been let go. Jan Willem Brunklaus (HR) explained how this (financially) went.
  • The elaboration of agreements from the 2019-2020 collective labor agreement is still ongoing through a number of squads. For example, the progress with the Innovation budget, happiness at work and the learning account have been reviewed.
  • Other loose points were the effect of the agreements on extra leave days on work pressure, legal elaboration of the CSR days, the interpretation of a collective labor agreement article regarding shift work and the introduction of the so-called 'hybrid mode' at ING.

Change of representative

After more than 13 years of advocacy, my colleague Inge de Vries takes over the ING account from me, Emanuel Geurts. To ensure a smooth transfer, we have had a few consultations together and contacts are being re-established. We will finalize this at the end of September and Inge will now be the point of contact at ING.


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