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July 07, 2021
Collective Labor Agreement ING BANK 2020

This post is about the collective labor agreement negotiations that De Unie and the other trade unions with ING, Tuesday 5 July 2021.

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We took good steps last Tuesday 5 July, but unfortunately we are not finished yet. It still depends on the introduction of the work code (flex), the value of the collective wage increase and the scaled pay.

With the work code that ING has signed, there is a package for flex workers in which a few things still need to be arranged in the next two years. If we enter into a collective labor agreement for two years, this must now be laid down. ING still has some homework to do in this regard.

The value of the alternatives to the collective pay increase offered by ING was insufficient for us to agree to. With those alternatives, think of things such as the employee's premium for the 3e year of unemployment benefits, extension of the social plan, bank holidays, CSR days and the collective social benefit (CMU).

We almost agree about the scale reward (the % that you increase in your scale). We divide the scales into three parts and give them different percentages. At the bottom of the scale you take a larger step and at the top of the scale a smaller step. Only the effective date is another point on which we disagree.

So we're not there yet, but next Thursday, July 8, we'll make another attempt to get out of it for the summer. If this doesn't work, what are you willing to do? Any suggestion is welcome. Let me know at


Interest representative Emanuel Geurts can be reached via and by telephone on 06-5252 2074.

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