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April 16, 2021
Collective Labor Agreement ING BANK 2020

In this newsletter I will discuss the collective labor agreement negotiations of Tuesday 13 April, the results of the survey among ING employees, a question among the members about the value of ING's efforts and the advance announcement of the month by the union.

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CLA negotiations

After we suspended consultations in March, we have Tuesday the 13e April picked up the thread again. The trade unions presented the results of the survey conducted among ING staff. Read an explanation of this below. After this presentation, ING presented its new offer. ING maintains its commitment to a two-year collective labor agreement without a collective wage increase and with a limited scale movement as stated earlier.

What is new is that they want to increase the Collective Social Benefit (CMU). ING wants to double the possible outcome of the CMU by making it dependent on the Return On Equity (RoE) of ING Group to be achieved. Depending on your job grade, this one-off gross payment is a larger or smaller percentage of your salary. Incidentally, the CMU is paid out to you gross in April this month under the current collective labor agreement and is not pensionable.

Of course, adjusting the CMU only has a salary-increasing effect in the first year and only if the RoE permits and the social objectives are achieved. The proposal is not structural, but only for the two years.

The trade unions then indicated that they consider this a creative suggestion from ING, but that this does not do enough justice to the conditions of the trade unions to obtain a reasonable offer for the collective wage increase and to maintain the current scaling steps. A position that, based on the results of the survey, is also supported by ING employees. The trade unions have asked ING to reconsider its commitment in the coming negotiations, partly in view of the results of the survey. We will hear about this on Friday 21 May.

Survey results

The trade unions have distributed a joint survey among its members and opened it to all ING employees who fall under the ING collective labor agreement. Just over 2000 ING employees made use of this. A phenomenal number! In short, the employees support the line that the trade unions have deployed. Click here for the results of the joint survey.

Question yes / no value

On March 8 De Unie a request was made to its supporters to indicate what value they attach to ING's offer. You will find the link to the member letter here.

More than a hundred ING employees responded. They have all also received a personal response. Below I add the common denominator of their answers per question questioned.

ING offers four development days to work together on training and development.

Many indicate that this can be valuable if these days can actually be used. With the current staffing and workload, they do not see this coming soon if this means that the work will then be left on hold. A number of them indicate that as standard 10% time for development is in the agile way of working at ING, that is already done once a month (Tech), or that they have a manager who arranges this properly. For this group, the proposal therefore entails a retrograde or a cigar out of the box. Many indicate that it is not only about time but also budget. There is often no more financial scope for development after the compulsory courses.

ING wants to grant mourning leave with a minimum of five instead of two days with room for customization.

Everyone indicates that this is not or hardly a problem in practice. This can be solved for each individual situation in the work situation, with days off or on sick leave if one has been severely affected.

The bank offers ING employees who are ready to retire for three years and want to leave voluntarily an early retirement scheme equal to three years of AOW or the transition payment if this is lower.

The group that may find this attractive is in the age category that is thinking about the final phase of work at ING. Whether this is really interesting depends on the further characteristics of the scheme and the personal financial situation. The employees outside this group do not consider this of value to them.  

ING wants to make the Collective Social Benefit (CMU) dependent on ING's operating result instead of a fixed percentage.

Many employees do not know the CMU and do not know what this scheme entails for them. The choice for a fixed or variable percentage is therefore not easily made and for those who have done this, this is not decisive for one thing or the other.

Are online physiotherapy, informal care broker and a health check for everyone valuable or worthless things in the field of wellbeing?

Almost everyone indicates that they want to leave this outside ING or that they already have additional insurance via ING.

Month of the union

Every year we organize the month of the union. This is a month in which the work of trade unions is promoted by ING and employees who are not yet members can join one of ING's three trade unions free of charge for a year. At the end of April, ING and De Unie further notice about it. So to be continued.

Questions and contact

If you have any questions or if you want to contact me, please email me at or call me on 06-5252 2074. You can also contact collective labor agreement members Yoap Brugmann and Michel Rutte.




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