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January 29 2021
Collective Labor Agreement ING BANK 2020

We are negotiating with ING Bank for a new collective labor agreement from 1 January 2021. In December 2020 De Unie in two members' letters asked for feedback from the supporters on the commitment and the course of the negotiations. This feedback is provided in this member letter.

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More than 100 ING employees (m / f, young / old, member / non-member, few / many years of service, customer (un) bound) responded to the call for feedback. Thanks for that! It has provided a good insight into your opinion, arguments, feelings and advice to take the process further. Below is a summary of all this feedback without being complete.

  • There is no support for the idea of ​​rewarding based on an external benchmark;
  • With the exception of a few, there is no need for a discretionary team budget;
  • There is a broad understanding of the uncertain situation in which the bank finds itself due to corona;
  • A collective labor agreement for one year is considered logical and therefore not for three years;
  • There is little insight into the (effects of) the bank's low interest rate problem;
  • A few consider the interests of the shareholder higher than the personnel;
  • The collective wage increase is set to at least wage inflation;
  • Individual growth in the scale is not in question, except for dysfunction;
  • Individual growth is essential for attracting and retaining young ING employees;
  • Step-up is above all a performance management system for ING targets;
  • Reduction of working hours is not seen as a feasible option due to the high workload;
  • Few ING employees have an influence on the amount and pace of the work;
  • Taking leave without any problems is difficult for many given the staffing;
  • The pilot 'Unlimited leave' is known but is not seen as attractive by many;
  • Many are disappointed, misunderstood and angered about the bank's collective labor agreement;
  • People do not feel recognized or recognized for the efforts they have made for customers and ING in 2020;
  • It is realized that ING pays its staff well, but this is less recognized as being overall excessive;
  • There is a need for more (background) information from the bank about its positions;
  • There is a great disparity in what the bank asks for and offers its staff.

When I combine this feedback with the bet of the bank, there seems to be little overlap. Recommendations that are given include a commitment to a 'small' collective labor agreement for a year with a collective wage increase of minimal wage inflation, scale movement and attention for the position of young ING employees. With your feedback and advice, Yoap, Michel and I will get to work and start a conversation with ING!


The next round of negotiations is scheduled for Wednesday 3 February. After that, a number of dates are planned, with the last date being March 17, 2021.


Your opinion counts, so let the representative Emanuel Geurts know what you think via 06-5252 2074 or by e-mail Naturally, the collective labor agreement executives Yoap Brugmann and Michel Rutte are also at your service.



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