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ASML: Members meeting works council elections and collective labor agreement update

June 28, 2023

We would like to draw your attention to the following invitation for a member meeting. Since we have received the request from various members to hold the meeting digitally, we have decided to do this. You can still register with this, but for a digital meeting. The time of the meeting will then be from 17:30 PM to 18:30 PM.

Join now De Unie. This is possible from 0,-


During this meeting we would like to focus in particular on the upcoming Works Council (OR) elections. What exactly does OR work at ASML entail and what support can you expect from it De Unie? During the meeting we will answer these questions and of course all questions that will be discussed further.

In addition, we will also briefly consider the state of affairs regarding the collective labor agreement discussions with ASML.

Jos Beerens (WC member / Union executive) and Robert Jan Wissink (Chair of the Works Council) will be present at the meeting to explain the work of the Works Council.

Of course you can always contact us De Unie for questions.

When:           Maandag 3 juli 2023
Location:              Online (Microsoft Teams)
Time:                    17:30 p.m.-18:30 p.m

You can register for this meeting here. Applicants will receive the link to the meeting on Monday, July 3 around 16.00 p.m., put it in the agenda.


If you have any questions regarding this message, feel free to email

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