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UWV: Members agree to new collective labor agreement

In recent weeks, members have been able to vote on a new collective labor agreement. A large majority of members agreed with the negotiated outcome.



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This means that a new collective labor agreement has been definitively agreed. In the coming period, the agreements will be converted into collective labor agreement texts and work will be carried out on the implementation of the agreements. You can here read the whole agreement again.

Salary increase and work from home allowance

This means that with the salary of July 2021, the employees will receive the payment of the structural salary increase with retroactive effect from 1 January 2021. In addition, the one-off payment of € 100 gross will be paid and the increase in the standby duty allowance. With the salary of July, the increase in the monthly homework allowance to € 43,30 net will also be paid from 1 January 2021.

Working groups

A number of agreements have also been made for working groups. All working groups are now almost ready to start. We hope that by the end of September we will have gained a lot of insight into the various topics. This means that we are already making a start on the new negotiations for the collective labor agreement for 2022 and beyond. This was one of the criticisms that we were very late in reaching an agreement this year. We will therefore start negotiations earlier in the autumn.

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