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Michelin: Status of collective labor agreement negotiations

After the last members' meeting, we consulted with your employer to agree on a new collective labor agreement. The consultations have been very constructive so far and we are making progress, but we are not there yet.

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We now agree on a number of topics, such as the duration (24 months), personal training budget, career check and financial insight in the context of sustainable employability. This also applies to the agreements about “working from home” and travel expenses.

We still have to negotiate a lot on the following topics. These include Generation Pact, RVU (Company AOW), pension, wage increase and provisions for reorganization.

We also hope to reach good agreements on the above topics during the next negotiations. That will take place on Wednesday 1 June. We will inform you of the outcome of this immediately afterwards.

If you have any questions about this, you can contact the representative Suat Koetloe by e-mail. or call 06-5252 2061.