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Holland Casino: Step further in the discussion about healthy roasting

In the previous newsletter I, advocate Victor Kloos, already told you something about the healthier roasting process. I want to elaborate on this a little further in this newsletter.


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In the coming weeks, further research will be conducted into healthier roasting. Holland Casino, the vakbondand the works council conduct this investigation jointly. For now, two scenarios are being explored:

Scenario 1: Shift picking

Based on an agreed set of health rules, the employee is enabled to choose the predefined shifts in his or her personal roster (for example 8 x late, 4 between and 4 day shifts). The planning department will then supplement the individual schedule and complete the total group schedule.

Scenario 2: Fixed annual schedule with the possibility of 4-2 schedule

Everyone gets a fixed annual schedule, with various exceptions possible.

  • Contracts from 80% to 100% have the option to work on a 4-2 basis.
  • Contracts lower than 50% receive insight into their 4 congé days per week for the entire year every 2 weeks. Their actual schedule and possibly other congé days will be announced 8 to 4 weeks in advance.
  • For employees in the fixed annual roster of 50% and higher, a maximum of 13 flex shifts on an annual basis, with a maximum of 1 flex day per 4-week period, can be deployed. It is known that you have to work this flex service, but the times of this service are only filled in the short term (legal basis).
  • The shifts in the annual schedule and 4-2 schedule are known from 50% and higher, and not just the congé services.

De Unie: vakbond for freedom of choice

We are strongly committed to giving employees as much freedom of choice as possible. Certain health rules will limit this freedom of choice. Of course you will also find De Unie health is important but we are the vakbond who states that as much as possible freedom of choice can contribute to good health. Ultimately, results are obtained from the investigations and we present them to the members who decide whether De Unie agrees with the final proposal that will be submitted.

Transitional arrangement does not apply to people who return

Transitional arrangements have been made in the collective labor agreement regarding breaks and tronc. The transitional arrangements apply to people who were employed on December 31, 2020.

After this date, a number of employees left the organization because the contract was not renewed. They were later re-admitted. Despite the fact that they were employed on December 31, 2020, the transitional arrangement does not apply to them because the contract was terminated after that.

De Unie has had this looked into legally. We are disappointed that Holland Casino applies the law so literally for this small number of colleagues and does not grant them this arrangement in the context of good employment practices.


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