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In what situation does the employer have to apply for dismissal from the UWV for me?

In case of dismissal for business reasons, your employer must apply for a dismissal permit from the UWV. A so-called application for dismissal. The UWV will then assess your employer's application, after which you will receive a copy of the application. This copy always contains the option to submit an objection.

When you submit an objection, this will be assessed by the UWV. On this basis, the UWV then grants or does not grant permission to your employer. If your employer wants to dismiss you because of long-term incapacity for work (for example after 2 years of illness), permission must also be requested from the UWV. After permission from the UWV, the employer must still terminate the employment in writing with due observance of the notice period after deduction of the procedural time. There must be at least 1 month's notice period.

In what situation must the employer apply for dismissal from the subdistrict court for me?

In the event of dismissal for personal reasons, such as a disrupted employment relationship or malfunctioning, an employer must go to the Subdistrict Court. He can submit a request through the Subdistrict Court to be allowed to dissolve your employment contract. In order to do this, the employer must have built up a file. On the basis of this file, the judge decides whether the employment will be terminated.

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