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Am I entitled to continued payment of my wages during my break?

No. In principle, you are not entitled to wages during breaks. After all, you are not working. The Working Hours Act therefore does not include anything about continued payment during breaks.

It may be that agreements have been made in your collective labor agreement or employment contract that ensure that you are entitled to continued payment of your wages during your break. If this is the case, these agreements will of course apply.

Am I entitled to continued payment of my wages if I am not working on a public holiday?

Contrary to what is often expected, there is no statutory regulation for employees that public holidays should be days off. In your employment contract, collective labor agreement or personnel guide you can check whether you are free on a public holiday and under what conditions your wages will continue to be paid. Whether your wages continue to be paid during public holidays therefore depends on your situation.

What are the official holidays in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands has eleven official holidays. These are as follows:

  • New Year's Day;
  • Good Friday;
  • Easter Sunday / Easter Sunday;
  • Easter Monday / Easter Monday;
  • Royal day;
  • Liberation Day;
  • Ascension Day;
  • Whit Sunday / Whit Monday;
  • Whit Monday / Whit Monday;
  • First Christmas Day;
  • Boxing Day.


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