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How does tax settlement work vakbondcontribution?

Through a special tax scheme you can pay part of the annual contribution that you pay for your membership of De Unie, get back. You will not get this financial benefit back De Unie, but from your own employer. The employer will settle the amount of the contribution that is stated on the annual statement against your gross monthly salary. This will be the settlement of the vakbondcalled scontribution.

In concrete terms, this means that the amount is withheld gross and paid out net on the same payslip. Depending on the level of your income, this can yield a benefit of more than 50% of the annual contribution.

Is my employer obliged to cooperate with the tax settlement? vakbondcontribution?

An employer is not obliged to settle this vakbondcontribution to cooperate, except when done by De Unie is agreed in the collective labor agreement. If you do not know whether it has been agreed in the CLA, you can inquire about this with your employer.

Can I retroactively use the vakbondHave the contribution settled for tax purposes?

In principle, you can only have the contribution paid in the current calendar year settled for tax purposes if agreements have been made about this in the context of the Work Expenses Scheme. If your employer has offered you the option to also set off other years, we will prepare an annual statement of the desired years at your request and you may be able to retroactively adjust the vakbondhave the contribution settled.

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