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What does the notification obligation entail?

The notification obligation, also known as the notification period, is an obligation that applies when an employer and employee conclude a temporary contract of 6 months or longer. This notification obligation means that the employer must notify in writing whether the contract will be extended, no later than 1 month before the end of the contract. And if so, under what conditions this happens.

What if my employer does not comply with the notification obligation?

If it happens that your employer does not inform you in time whether your employment contract will be continued, your employer will owe you compensation.
The compensation for not complying with the notification obligation is a maximum of one gross monthly salary. For example: if your employer is two weeks late in giving notice, this means an allowance of two weeks' salary.

Please note: this compensation must be claimed within 2 months of the termination of your contract.

My temporary contract states that it will not be renewed. Does this also apply as a notification requirement?

If it is stated in the employment contract that your contract will not be renewed after its expiry, the notice period has been met. However, this does not mean that the contract cannot be renewed. If your employer still decides to extend your contract, that is of course allowed.


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