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Senior Service

Living at home longer

Senior Service has existed since 1995, making it the most experienced informal care organization in the Netherlands. Senior Service has a lot of knowledge of living at home longer and knows exactly what it takes. Not only in attention and support, but also in legislation and regulations to pay for this. Senior Service provides employees who support you, your parents or your loved ones in daily life. From 2 hours a week to 24 hours a day.

Especially for members of De Unie

As a member or follower of De Unie you can request a membership for informal care services from Senior Service for free. Senior Service takes care of and helps with care for your personal well-being, or that of your parents or children, for example.

  • Living at home longer
  • Complements your existing mantle
  • One fixed face
  • To be reimbursed with PGB and Wmo

Discover the member benefits at Senior Service

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