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Holiday homes with more comfort

FranceComfort manages and rents holiday parks in France that are slightly more comfortable than average. The holiday homes are located in the Dordogne, Languedoc, Midi Pyrénées, Provence and Poitou-Charentes and are equipped with every luxury and comfort.

The holiday parks often have a swimming pool, restaurant, wifi, tennis, playground and entertainment and reception with employees who speak Dutch and English.

The resort and the holiday homes are suitable for disabled people. In most cases it is allowed to bring a dog.

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De Unie has made attractive agreements for you with FranceComfort Holiday Parks. You will receive a whopping 10% discount on the rental price from FranceComfort (not on the additional costs). This discount applies to bookings in the low and high season. So also during the school.

Of course we don't just go into business with FranceComfort. Among others on the largest Dutch holiday review site the parks are highly appreciated!

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