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Work is important, being challenged can be useful and enjoyable. But sometimes it gets too much. With all the consequences that entails: work pressure, stress, burnouts and failure. Often preventable, but then you have to be there in time. Before you know it, you miss important signals and you are too late.

What should I pay attention to?
When the work pressure is too high, differs per person. The same goes for the important signals. What one person experiences as work pressure, can be a nice challenge for another. In general, workload is a structural imbalance between the workload you can handle and the strain you experience. That is why it is very important to think for yourself how you are doing. If you don't do this on time, not only will the quality of your work suffer: your mental and physical health can also take a hit.
What does this mean for me?
If you notice that you are structurally walking on your toes, you need to intervene. For example, by stepping on the brakes, clearly stating your limits and contacting friends, family or colleagues. In the event of (imminent) health problems, it is best to contact the company doctor immediately. In the worst case, you don't get there in time and you drop out. Then you will first have to restore, and then integrate.

We do this for you

Are you struggling with work pressure or stress? Or are you even afraid that you are facing a burnout? Switch De Unie as soon as possible. We provide useful tips, advise you on how to raise the issue with your employer and point out your rights. This way you can get back to work in no time.

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