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ING Bank: Preparation for ING collective labor agreement 2025

02 mei 2024

ING – How have the expanded budgets been utilized?

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Next collective agreement

The ING collective agreement runs until December 31, 2024. This fall, negotiations for the 2025 agreement will commence. The objective of De Unie is to negotiate a Collective Labor Agreement (CLA) on behalf of its members that is beneficial for all ING employees.

What are the negotiations about?

We would like to hear your opinion on this matter.
A key focus of the negotiations will undoubtedly be the collective salary increase.
However, there are several other employment conditions that are very important for the income position and job satisfaction of ING employees, such as workload, development opportunities, and in-scale increases. De Unie is polling ING employees in a series of surveys to gather their views on these topics. Based on the results of our surveys, De Unie will draft a proposal letter.

Scale-in salary increase

The first topic concerns the scale-in increase.
ING grants an annual small scale-in increase of 2% or 1% (article 4.4.1 ING CLA). In addition, the lead can award a discretionary salary increase, as stipulated in article 4.4.4 of the ING CLA.
The rationale behind the scale-in increase is that it follows the generic learning curve. If you develop faster, this often leads to a promotion, which in turn means a quicker salary growth. De Unie believes that the current magnitude of the scale-in movement does not do justice to the learning curve since it now takes more than 25 years to move from the bottom to the top of the scale. The scale-in increase at ING is considerably lower than at other companies in the financial sector. A scale-in increase between 3% and 5% is the norm in the financial sector. Outside this sector, it is often even higher, especially for young starters.

Besides the fixed scale-in increase, ING also offers an individual salary increase (article 4.4.4 ING CLA). This is (partly) dependent on your performance and can be awarded by managers. The amount of this discretionary increase is not specified, but the budgets for this CLA are supposed to be doubled by ING compared to 2023.

Salary increase for career moves

The second topic addresses salary increases for career moves. To encourage internal mobility, new agreements were made in the current CLA regarding salary increases when changing roles. If take up a position at a higher job grade, you receive a minimum of 3% and a maximum of 12% increase (article 4.9.1. ING CLA). Previously, this ranged from 2.5% to 5% (article 4.11.1 ING CLA 21/22). If you take on a new role within the same job grade as your current role, your salary will be increased by a minimum of 3% and a maximum of 6% (article 4.9.3. ING CLA). This was not yet established in the previous CLA.

Survey questions

This survey aims to investigate several issues:

  • How is the current reward system experienced, and what do employees prefer?
  • Has ING doubled the individual salary increase budget compared to 2022, as committed in the CLA?
  • How is this budget distributed?
  • Is the expanded budget for salary increase for career moves actually being utilized?
  • How is this expanded budget distributed?

Ask your colleagues to participate

To answer this question, it is essential that many employees fill out this survey. So join in, fill it out, and forward this message to as many colleagues as possible. De Unie treats the information confidentially.


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