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De Unie considers it important   employees are given the opportunity to provide input, so that we as a trade union can represent the interests of all employees as effectively as possible in the negotiations with VodafoneZiggo. We also think it is important that all employees are allowed to vote on the outcome of the negotiations. It is important that as many employees as possible participate, because only then will we be strong in the negotiations with VodafoneZiggo in order to achieve a good result for you and your colleagues.

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VodafoneZiggo: webinar on collective labor agreement negotiation results 2024

Held on February 21, 2024 De Unie a webinar for VodafoneZiggo employees about the negotiation result for the new collective labor agreement….

VodafoneZiggo: the negotiation result for the collective labor agreement

On February 8, 2024, after 3 rounds of negotiations, VodafoneZiggo and De Unie a negotiation result has been achieved for…

VodafoneZiggo: date of consultation on new collective labor agreement moved

  The meeting scheduled for January 29, 2024 about the new collective labor agreement at VodafoneZiggo has been postponed due to illness...

17-5: Webinar “Get to know De Unie"Looking back?

We look back on a successful first webinar for VodafoneZiggo employees. In this webinar, an explanation was given of the working method of De Unie and DigiC at the company. The developments surrounding the VodafoneZiggo collective labor agreement and the forthcoming negotiations on the Social Plan were discussed.

Did you miss the webinar? You can watch it now.

Soon we will organize another webinar. Keep an eye on this website for updates on this!

The current situation social plan

The 'current' Social Plan (version 2021) ended on 31 December 2021. As stated in the recent collective labor agreement, VodafoneZiggo wants to agree on a new Social Plan by mid-2023. In the interim period, the Social Plan (version 2021) will be applied unchanged where appropriate.

The vision of De Unie

In order to properly determine our commitment to the negotiations, we would first like to know what VodafoneZiggo employees consider important with regard to their Social Plan. Listening to your opinions, concerns and ideas is the first step for us. Everyone can participate in this. We will then formulate the commitment for the negotiations based on the input of the employees. In addition to the input of the employees, we also make use of our experience and knowledge of employment conditions. Keep an eye on our website to follow us in this process.

How can I participate?

To give all employees the opportunity to participate in the discussion, we follow the DigiC process. In concrete terms, this means that the research agency InnerVoice gives all employees the opportunity to join the conversation via panel discussions and then a survey. VodafoneZiggo employees will soon be able to register to participate in the panel discussions, further information will follow at a later date. In these panel discussions, ideas are exchanged under the leadership of an independent panel discussion leader and proposals are inventoried about a possible new social plan. The results of these panel discussions are used to formulate survey questions. This survey will then be sent to all VodafoneZiggo employees. After the results are known and shared, we will enter into negotiations and use the results in combination with our knowledge and experience to achieve a good result in your interest!

How can I participate in decision-making?

After reaching a possible negotiation result, all employees may also vote on the result. De Unie will indicate how the negotiation result relates to the research results from the DigiC process and to what is customary in the market and how you as an employee can weigh/assess this for yourself. In addition, as an employee you have the opportunity to attend information sessions De Unie and you can always contact the negotiator of De Unie via De Unie ultimately determines, based on the result of the vote, whether the negotiation result can be converted into a new redundancy plan. Here too, every employee can participate and the InnerVoice research agency will take care of the voting.


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Keep an eye on our website to follow us in this process.