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Is my travel time also working time?

The travel time between your place of residence and your work is often not seen as working time. Only when there is a work assignment and you have to travel from one location to another at the request of your employer, is it often seen as working time. It is important that you check in your employment contract, collective labor agreement or internal company regulations whether agreements have been made about travel time if you have to travel a lot for work. Commuting is working time in the following cases:

  • When you written have made agreements about working during travel time, for example during your train journey;
  • When an employer asks you to pick up a colleague during your travel time (in a company car, for example);
  • When you regularly work at a different work address for a longer period of time, but first have to travel from home to the office;

When you work from home and drive directly to your first customer from there.

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