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What is a tax credit?

The tax credit is a discount on income tax and national insurance contributions. There are various tax credits. Which tax credit you receive depends on your personal situation.

There are, among others, the following tax credits:

  • General tax credit

The general tax credit applies to everyone. It does not matter whether you are working or whether you receive benefits.

  • Employed person's tax credit

If you work, you will receive the employed person's tax credit. The exact employed person's tax credit depends on your income from work. If you receive benefits, you are not entitled to the employed person's tax credit. Your employer deducts the employed person's tax credit from the payroll tax that he withholds from your wages. You don't have to do anything yourself.

  • Young disabled discount
    The young disabled person's discount is also called the Wajong discount. You will receive this tax credit if, on the basis of the Work and Employment Support for Young Disabled Persons Act, you are entitled to a benefit for young disabled persons or to work support (Wajong benefit).

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