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What is a notice period?

The notice period is the period that applies to the employee or employer when one of the parties wishes to terminate the employment contract. The length of the notice period depends, among other things, on the duration of your contract and whether you are still in your probationary period, for example.

In your employment contract or in your collective labor agreement you can check how long the notice period is for the employee and the employer. Do you have a temporary employment contract? First check whether you can cancel this prematurely.

If no specific notice period has been agreed, legal notice periods apply. In this case, the notice period for the employee is always 1 month. So pay close attention to what is included in your employment contract or in your collective labor agreement.

The statutory notice period (with a contract for an indefinite period) for employers is as follows. Also pay close attention to whether deviating agreements have been made in your collective labor agreement or in your employment contract.

Years in service Statutory notice period
Less than 5 years 1 month
5 to 10 years 2 months
10 to 15 years 3 months
over 15 years 4 months