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I have received a severance / transition payment. I've heard about the averaging scheme. How does that arrangement work?

The averaging scheme means that the average income in box 1 is calculated over three consecutive calendar years - the averaging period. For each of the years of the averaging period, the tax on this average income is recalculated and compared with the tax actually paid in each of those years. If the recalculated tax is more than € 545 lower than the tax paid, an averaging refund will follow on request.

This refund can only be applied for once all (final) assessments for the years of the averaging period have been imposed. If the severance / transition compensation was received in 2018 and the most favorable averaging period is 2018-2019-2020, the request cannot be submitted until mid-2021 at the earliest.

An averaging request is therefore separate from the declarations for the years of the averaging period and can be submitted separately. The request must be submitted within 3 years after the assessments for the years of the averaging period have become irrevocable.

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