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What is an employment contract for an indefinite period?

If you, as an employee, enter into an employment contract for an indefinite period, then you have a permanent contract or a permanent employment contract. This means that you and your employer have agreed an employment contract without an expiry date.

An employment contract for an indefinite period does not end automatically. This means that only you or your employer can terminate this agreement. This can be by resigning as an employee or when your employer fires you. Termination by the employer is only possible after permission via a dismissal application to the UWV (in the event of a reorganization or after long-term illness) or by dissolution via the subdistrict court (in the event of malfunctioning or instant dismissal). You can also terminate the contract by mutual consent. If your employment contract is terminated at the request of your employer, your employer must take into account all laws and regulations. When you have reached the state pension age, in certain cases it may also be that your employment contract ends. This must be included in your employment contract or collective labor agreement.

Advantages of an employment contract for an indefinite period are, for example, that you as an employer can retain an employee for longer. The employee has a fixed income and can therefore more easily take out a mortgage or loan, where the employer is assured of personnel.


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