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Called in sick? What questions can your employer ask?

When reporting sick, employers often ask what exactly you have among the members. But is this allowed? No, when you report sick you do not have to share privacy-sensitive information with your employer regarding your health. You only have to share the necessary information. These are data that are necessary to assess whether you can continue with your work.

What can an employer ask for when reporting sick?

  • The telephone number where you can be reached and your nursing address.
  • What about current appointments or activities.
  • How long the disease is likely to last.
  • Whether you fall under a safety net provision of the Sickness Benefits Act. You can find this in your employment contract.
  • Whether the illness is related to an industrial accident. The employer may not ask whether the absenteeism is work-related.
  • Is there a traffic accident with recourse? The employer can then recover the costs he incurs because you are ill from the person who caused the accident.

If your employer has other questions, you can indicate that you do not wish to answer them. If you have any questions about this, please contact us. We can be reached by telephone via telephone number 0345 851 963. You can also email us via e-mail address