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Who watches my mom when I'm on vacation?

The holiday period is coming and that is good news for many members. Yet there is also another side. What if you, as a Union member, have taken care of your parents? Who will take over from you when you enjoy your well-deserved vacation? Every day, the client advisers of Senior Service, our cooperation partner in the field of informal care, receive questions from informal carers who are looking for a solution. So that they can go on holiday with peace of mind. We asked Tessa (client advisor) a number of questions about this.

Tessa, do you recognize the concerns of caregivers who want to go on vacation?

Absolutely. My parents have always arranged for my grandmother's care with the family during the holidays. Fortunately she was still very spry at the time and not much support was needed. Still it was a challenge. We don't all live close to each other and that makes grocery shopping a bit complicated. That sounds crazy, but in practice this turns out to be more difficult than you think. My mother would have loved to go on vacation last year, but Grandma was terminal last summer and had only weeks to live.

What do you think are the most helpful for Union members who provide informal care?

Informal carers generally look for a flexible solution. Just like my parents did, they try to arrange care themselves as much as possible. Unfortunately, this does not always work and that causes unrest and stress. They look for a replacement for themselves, if, for example, a three-week vacation is planned. In my experience, they are most helped with someone who temporarily takes over the necessary informal care tasks.

Why is it important that informal carers are supported in this?

Accepting help from a stranger is not easy. Especially when this is only for a few weeks, because the daughter or son is on vacation. They will manage on their own and go out independently against their better judgment. One can end up in unsafe situations and the idea that something could go wrong does not contribute to a relaxing holiday for the son or daughter.

What can you do as a member of De Unie for temporary informal care and support?

Often people first look for a replacement in the area. For example a neighbor or neighbor, other family members or a volunteer organization. They are often willing to help with some tasks during the holiday season. Unfortunately, this is not always possible for everyone. It is not obvious to have good contact with the neighbors or a family member who lives far away. In addition, many seniors living alone need more support. Union members can then use the services of Senior Service.

What does this support entail during your holiday?

During your vacation, the Senior Service employee will keep an extra eye out. A bit of company, accompanied transport, shopping together, cooking and eating or just a walk. This is all possible, once or on a structural basis. We agree before your holiday when your father or mother wants the permanent employee to visit. You will be called in the meantime and you will be kept informed by the employee. This way you can enjoy your well-deserved holiday with peace of mind and there is always someone close to your father or mother.

Do you need extra support for your father or mother during the holiday period? As a member of De Unie you are entitled to a free membership of Senior Service. Do you want to know more? Then ask now a brochure or contact .

About Senior Service

Senior Service is the cooperation partner of De Unie in the field of informal care. They offer a reliable and flexible solution during the holiday season, but also during the rest of the year.